Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance in Redding is a driving factor in many of our client's decisions about their mouth's health and smile. We understand how confusing dental insurance can be and want to help in any way possible. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your dental insurance benefits and will do our best to help you through the process.

To have a successful insurance experience, we suggest that you review your policy and be aware of exclusions and limitations of your dental insurance plan. Dr. Malotky will complete a thorough exam and diagnosis and will recommend treatment with your best interest and health in mind.  Some plans, however, will exclude or discourage necessary dental treatment such as sealants, crown build ups or adult orthodontics, implants and even a basic crown.  Insurance companies make money by denying benefits and we hope we can help you through the process to help make dental treatment decisions based on dental needs.

For each visit, insurance co-pays are estimated by our Financial Coordinator.  We base estimates upon the limited information provided for us by your dental insurance company in Redding or elsewhere. You will be asked to pay your estimated co-pay at each visit.  If there is a residual balance following insurance payment, you will be billed and will be responsible for that amount. 

We are happy to submit a pre-determinations of benefits for future services that are recommended so a written estimate can be provided to you by your insurance company. Typically there is an annual maximum benefit and maximum percentages paid for each service. 

Currently our office is an in-network provider for Delta Dental Premier and Cigna Core/Radius dental insurance in Redding. However, we will assist you in determining if your plan pays an out-of network provider.