Panorex Extra-Oral Digital X-Ray

No painful films are placed inside your mouth and, in less than one minute, your full set of x-rays are ready to be viewed by our team of professionals. These x-rays provide the highest level of detail available with insures that dental problems are diagnosed before symptoms develop. Digial x-rays require no hazardous chemicals to process and are 100% environmentally friendly while at the same time reducing x-ray exposure to our clients by 80%.

Itero Digital Scanner

Dr. Malotky utilizes the Itero Oral Digital Scanner. Traditional dental impressions are replaced with a highly accurate digital images. This provides a better patient experience by eliminating messy and difficult impressions, shorting appointment times and, by providing real-time visualization of treatment outcomes.

Iris Intra Oral Cameras

We utilize Intra Oral Cameras so we can show you in real-time what is happening in your mouth. This allows patient's to participate, visulize and understand what is happening with the health of their mouth.


Our team beleives that prevention and early detection is best our our clients. The DIAGnodent aids us to detect even the earliest signs of dental decay. This enables us to provide minimally invasive and tooth preserving treatment. The DIAGnodent operates by means of laser light (not an xray). Often tooth decay starts in hard-to-see valleys and canyon-like anatomy of the tooth surface, which is difficult to detect in traditional xrays.